1. Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance We offer efficient and periodic maintenance for the air conditioning systems in your buildings and facilities. This ensures the stable operation of the air conditioning, maintaining a comfortable indoor environment.
  2. Inspection and Maintenance of Electrical Facilities Through inspections and maintenance of electrical facilities, we ensure a stable power supply. This proactive approach prevents system issues and minimizes business disruptions.

Maintenance Process:

Facility Assessment and Customized Proposal We conduct a detailed evaluation of your facilities and propose an optimal maintenance plan tailored to your specific needs.

Scheduled Maintenance Based on a regular maintenance schedule, we perform efficient inspections and maintenance of air conditioning and electrical systems.

Contact Us:

Stable air conditioning and power supply are essential for business success. Daiichi Central Vietnam’s Air Conditioning and Electrical Maintenance Services ensure the safety and comfort of your facilities. Feel free to reach out for any inquiries.

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